Most homes could reduce the amount of energy they use for lighting by 50 per cent or more by making smarter lighting choices.

  • In Australia, traditional but inefficient types of lighting (incandescent) are being phased out.

  • There are other more efficient types of lighting available, including compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), light emitting diodes (LEDs) and fluorescent lights.

  • LEDs and CFLs are the most energy efficient. Light tubes which capture daylight and pipe it into dark corners of your home is a free way of allowing light into a room.

  • Over its life, a typical compact fluorescent globe saves a third of a tonne of greenhouse gas. Also, just one CFL lasts as long as six of the old globes so you won’t have to change the lights so often. They also produce less heat than other light globes so your home will stay cooler in summer.

When replacing a globe, buy a new energy efficient compact fluorescent globe (known as CFLs).

Sunlight is the cleanest and cheapest!

Using passive lighting uses no electricity and is a great way to reduce carbon emissions. So open a curtain or blind to allow the natural light in before you turn on your light. turn off light

Remember… always turn the light off when you are leaving a room - especially your bedroom!