Heating and cooling our home is a luxury we have become accustomed to!

Once upon a time we had to work hard to keep a fire going to warm our home or take advantage of any slight breeze we could find to cool it down.

Modern technology to heat or cool our home costs a lot of money and uses a lot of energy.

Turn the air-conditioner off

  • Increasing the temperature on your air-conditioner or decreasing your heater by only one degree, can reduce your family’s running costs by as much as 10 per cent!

  • Keep your air-conditioner set between 24 degrees - 27 degrees celsius in summer and your heater between 18 degrees - 20 degrees celsius in winter. You could also reduce your family’s electricity bills by hundreds of dollars a year!

A few tips before you run for the heater or air-conditioner:

  • When it gets cooler reach for a jumper or blanket before turning on the heater. Turn the heater off

  • Keep your windows closed in winter to keep the cool air out and open the windows to allow breeze to come in during summer.

  • Check for draughts through the house to ensure the warm air isn’t escaping during winter.

  • When choosing a heater or air-conditioner at the shops look for the star rating. The more stars the more energy efficient it will be.