Electricity is an invisible form of energy that is very important to all of us.

It makes our lives a lot easier by shining our lights, keeping our fridge cold, and making all our appliances work!


Sometimes we forget how dangerous electricity can be because it is everywhere around us.

Electricity travels through electrical wires, cords, switches and plugs. It can also travel through water.


  • Never piggyback plugs in double adaptors, use a powerboard.

  • Turn the switch off before removing a plug.

  • Remove an appliance from the power point by holding onto the plug, not the cord.

  • Don’t ever put anything other than a plug into a power point.

  • If your toast gets stuck turn the switch off, take the plug out and shake the toaster over a sink. Don’t ever stick anything in the toaster!

  • Never put any electrical cords near water. Water is a conductor meaning electricity travels very fast through it.

  • Keep batteries away from heaters and ovens. The heat could make them explode.

  • If you see a cord with frayed ends, let an adult know they need to replace it.

First Aid

First Aid

  • Our bodies are made of over 70% water, even a small amount of electricity going through our bodies will give us an electric shock.

  • The static shock we sometimes get from a trampoline is harmless, but an electric shock from appliances, power points and switches are very dangerous.

  • An electric shock can control your muscles so you can’t let go, create breathing difficulties, burns and even kill you.

No matter how safe we are sometimes accidents will happen.

If you see an accident with electricity and someone is injured:

  1. Stay calm.

  2. Do not touch the injured person.

  3. Stay away from any water that may be around the injured person.

  4. Ask or call an adult for help. If there is no adult around to help, dial 000.