Transformers increase or decrease the voltage of electricity using a magnetic field.

When electricity travels into a transformer, wires wrapped around a large metal rod inside the transformer create a magnetic field.

This is known as an electro-magnet.

The electrons in the wire are excited by the magnetic field, creating an electric current.


Transformers increase electricity up to 220,000 volts in areas around the Pilbara.

As electricity travels closer to shops and homes, it needs to be brought down to 240 volts, a much safer level for appliances in your home.

Transformers increase or decrease electricity with the number of turns around the electromagnet.

A substation splits electricity into different powerlines before heading off to shops, businesses, homes and schools.

With the large amount of electricity running around the substations, a magnetic field will be produced around the materials. Electricity may jump or spark to other conductors, including you if you get too close.

Metal fences surrounding substations are there to protect us so never cross these boundaries.